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    The UNIAUDIT OLIVER CAMPS mission is summarised in three points:
    • We are a company that primarily provides auditing services, which historically has also provided consulting services and has recently significantly increased its portfolio in the public sector.
    • Our main objective is to meet the needs of our customers by offering high-quality services based on an experienced team with expertise in the environment, business and regulatory framework.
    • Above all we aim for our customers' satisfaction and peace of mind and in turn earn their trust.


    UNIAUDIT OLIVER CAMPS strives to be a leading auditing firm in its territorial scope and provide the highest level of security and reliability to the recipients of the financial information it audits. It therefore applies innovative, dynamic and efficient methods and procedures, always properly documented and adjusted to the audit's technical standards.

    At the same time we want to provide recommendations for ongoing improvements in our customers' accounting processes and internal control.