Uniaudit Oliver Camps: Auditores y Consultores (Barcelona)

Our company's characteristics ensure that we have the flexibility and dynamism required to earn the maximum trust of our customers.

We always provide personalised professional services, adapting to the technical requirements and specific circumstances of each assignment.

The professional services we offer to both the private and public sectors principally focus on the areas of auditing, corporate consulting, management consulting and tax consulting.

Uniaudit Oliver Camps Mundo  Work with us

If you are interested in joining our team, we offer the opportunity to develop your career with us. Send us your CV the easiest way.


UNIAUDIT OLIVER CAMPS is a spanish auditing and consulting firm created from the merger of Uniaudit JRP and Oliver Camps, companies with over 40 years of experience in the different aspects of economic and financial management control of both private and public companies and organisations.

We offer services throughout Catalonia in addition to an active and ongoing presence in other parts of Spain and Andorra.

We boast a team of over 40 highly qualified and trained professionals in order to provide the highest quality professional services.

Our clients include a major group of companies from diverse sectors including real estate and construction, industrial, distribution and services, as well as renowned companies in the insurance and financial sector. We also work with major institutions and organisations in the public sector at a local and regional level.
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